Dimensions: 70,5 x 54 cm with floating frame included.
Technique: resin, wax, plaster, iron powder, charcoal

Signed by the artist. Unique artwork. From the collection METAMORPHOSIS.

“Metamorphosis”is an innovative, captivating collection imbued with a profound sense of mutability and transformation of life.
Through the bold use of materials such as coal, iron oxide, fire, epoxy resin, candle wax, and plaster, artist François FARCY has created unique pieces that push the boundaries of traditional artistic expression.

Coal, symbolizing raw strength and darkness, is unexpectedly transformed to represent the fragility of life, while delicately drawn circles in the plaster symbolize the winding and unpredictable paths of our existence.

Subtly burned iron oxide offers warm hues of orange and rust, highlighting the ever-changing nature of life. These captivating shades are enhanced by the luminous and shimmering reflections created by epoxy resin, adding remarkable depth and visual dynamics to the pieces, prompting viewers to introspect.

Fire, handled with caution, embodies life’s regenerative capacity. This collection aims to evoke deep reflection on our own ever-changing nature, inviting viewers to be swept away, meditate, and immerse themselves in this artistic journey, embracing the contemplation of impermanence and the transformation of life.

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