French multi-faceted artist, François FARCY was born in 1994, Somme.

From a passion to a profession

Since he was a child, François FARCY has always been attracted to the visual arts, especially by sculpture and painting. His numerous trips offered him the opportunity for reflection and personal development and he therefore decided to stop working as a translator-interpreter and reclaim his original passion: art. He has been living abroad for many years in several countries such as Spain, Scotland, Hungary and Portugal where he is currently staying. He launched several exhibitions and sells in art galleries.

An eclectic artist

Standing in between his abstract and figurative art, François FARCY loves working on several art forms, including sculpture and painting. He very often combines both and thus mostly creates 3D works. Curious and adventurous, he has always been improving his techniques since he began. He is constantly looking for new techniques.

Art as a catharsis

According to François Farcy, his works are not only decorative elements. He uses art as an outlet for his emotions thus not creating simple objects but unique creations with a soul and history. He wants his artworks, beyond the simple subjective beauty that they have, to be acquired by people who felt a connection with the work and have been impacted by it.